We are pleased to build up innovation programs together with you and your employees. Our approach is well proved and based on Adobe's KICKBOX Creative Commons share-alike, attribution license.


    Lean startup approach


    Our approach is based on the lean startup model. The customer-oriented 3 stage concept of the KICKBOX enables to go from an idea to a corporate spinoff, or a new product, in just a few months. For every stage we offer a "how to" booklet and different Startup-as-a-Service tools for your intrapreneurs.


    Empowerment for employees


    KICKBOX is a great tool to identify and support latent innovators at your organization and it helps you integrate external innovators like freelancers and startups. The system is very easy to use and convenient. Every kind of employee from call center agent to IT professional can join the program without lots of explanation or previous knowledge.


    Entrepreneurial spirit and culture


    KICKBOX supports and stimulates the entrepreneurial attitude at your company. Not only the work motivation and the identification with your organization rises – also a shift of mindset to a more entrepreneurial spirit is very likely.




    Because thinking inside the box, is the new thinking outside the box!




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