A Foundation for Entrepreneurs

We are a non-profit incubator & accelerator based in Zurich. We help entrepreneurs start both fast-growing and sustainable businesses.


We bring you from 0 to 1

When we make something new, we go from 0 to 1. It is a singular act of creation with a result that is both fresh and strange. And it is exactly what Bluelion is here to help entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs with.

For Startups

  • This checkup means coffee for you and brutally honest feedback on your project. And like our coffee, our feedback will be strong and energizing.

  • In our Foundry, we will put you through a 10-week acceleration program and give you faster access to leading investors and potential partners.

  • Focusing and relaxing are both crucial activities for entrepreneurs. Our meeting rooms, private offices, coffee & lunch area and rooftop are all about that.

  • Going from 0 to 1 does not mean recreating the big bang all by yourself. Build on support and feedback from experienced founders, industry experts or investors within the Bluelion Foundry.

  • Our program will grant you privileged access to the leading investors in Switzerland. If not, we will tell you exactly why and improve your investor-readiness in coaching sessions.

  • Even the best idea in the world will not make it off the ground if it does not reach the right people. Bluelion connects you to a broad ecosystem of supporting organizations, successful entrepreneurs, leading companies and investors.

  • Our events are multifunctional, like a Swiss pocket knife: use them to get in contact with helpful people, or just to relax and grab a beer after an intensive workday.

For Corporates

  • Understanding your company’s innovation strategy is the core of all solutions we will design together. Leading companies like ZKB, Helvetia or Samsung trust in us.

  • To identify and support latent innovators, we specialized in running KICKBOX. This intrapreneurship program kickstarts your company’s innovation output and speed, in sync with your strategy.

  • Our offices have that certain startup vibe because they are used by real startups. This is the perfect setting for your next design thinking workshop, board meeting, hackathon or startup pitching event.

  • Hundreds of intrapreneurship projects in 10 leading companies. By now, we know how to kickstart internal innovation and incite culture change.

  • Something you can keep: innovation know-how compressed in booklets & tools, free for our Kickbox community to download and print.

  • Join our rich and diverse ecosystem of network organizations, freelancers, investors, large corporations and, of course, startup companies.

  • Knowledge is empowering. This is why we let innovation managers, entrepreneurs and investors share it at our community events.


Your Success is our Highest Reward

We love ideas that are new, strange and fresh and encourage contrarian thinking. Seeing our entrepreneurs successfully realize their own new ideas is our highest reward.

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