Team First

The LikeMinded program has a strong focus on the startup team. This is the result of years of previous experience and the accumulated feedback of both entrepreneurs and investors. Within the Bluelion network, you will find your co-founders or join an inspiring single founder. Our experts will guide you to become the kickass founder team investors will fall in love with.


The 10-week part-time acceleration program focuses on two things: building a powerful co-founder team and validating your startup idea. The program ends with a pitch in front of the Bluelion Investors Board. 


If you are among the 50% of the participants, that convinced the Board, you will get additional incubation support by Bluelion. Together with a dedicated mentor, support by various experts as well as access to our co-working space, you will develop your venture further until you are ready for your seed investment round.

Why Apply?

Start from 0

For professionals with the ambition to generate a real impact. You can apply with or without an idea.


Grow your network with potential co-founders, experts, mentors and investors.


You will receive weekly training on relevant topics. Furthermore, a wide range of experts are at your disposal to provide assistance.


After 10 weeks you will pitch to leading investors from SICTIC, ZKB and Venturekick.

What to bring along


You bring a scalable tech-idea to the table or are eager to join a team that works on such an idea.


You bring a unique set of skills and experiences that provide you with a personal edge.

Commitment your own project. This includes the willingness to work full-time on your project after you enter the incubation phase.


20.05.20: Start Application
15.07.20: Close Application
31.07.20: Announcement Final Selection
16.09.20: Kickoff Program
04.12.20: Pitch Event


FAQ – Applying

  • Yes, but only if you are still looking for another co-founder.

  • No. If you apply without an idea, you will get the chance to meet participants with an idea and co-found with them.

  • Absolutely! As long as you are still looking for a co-founder and your existing funding does not exceed CHF 100’000, you are good to go.

  • No. The program focuses on the stage, namely the pre-seed phase. Your startup idea can be in any industry, but it should be a scalable tech-idea within that industry.

FAQ – The Program

  • You will be able to pitch to the jury with or without co-founders. But your chances to be selected for phase 2 without at least one co-founder are significantly smaller.

  • The goal of phase 1 is merely to pitch your startup. After 10 weeks, you will be able to do that. After your startup team and project have the attention of investors, phase 2 begins. This is where you actually dive deep into your startup project.

  • We recommend blocking the acceleration days (every Thursday) early on. However, not being able to attend every single acceleration day will not be a problem – as long as your startup meets the required milestones during the program.

  • Together with our board of investors we will make sure you will get continuous support by an experienced mentor. Furthermore, you will have access to all Bluelion services like office space, coaching and networks. Naturally, the details of phase 2 will be adjusted to what your startup requires.

FAQ – Funding

  • No. For the selected startups, the program is free of charge and all costs are covered except for your travel expenses. There is also no need to relinquish a stake in the company. All we ask in return is your full commitment to your project.

  • Yes, but since this is a pre-seed program, your existing funding from institutional investors may not exceed CHF 500’000.

  •  After working full-time on your startup during phase 2 for four months, you should be able to pitch for seed money within an expected range of CHF 1-3 Million.

Further Questions