Date: Thu, 9 July 2020     

Time: 18:00 – 20:00 CEST    

Location: Bluelion Incubator, Sihlquai 125, 8005 ZH

About this Event

Not ready for the Shark Tank yet? We'll help you polish your pitch and provide helpful feedback for smooth sailing at your next pitch event!

The Goldfish Bowl - if you're not ready for Shark Tank just yet.

Pitching is a sore subject for many entrepreneurs, but it's  a very important skill to master. We came up with the Goldfish Bowl sessions to give entrepreneurs a chance to practice their pitch without too much pressure. There is no expert panel, but lots of constructive criticism and feedback (presenters get 15 minutes each: 8 minutes for pitching, and 7 minutes of audience feedback).

In collaboration with Samsung and SEIF, we have launched an acceleration program called 'Samsung for Impact'! These 5 impact -driven tech startups will have the chance to pitch their ideas in this super special, first post-Corona Goldfish Bowl Event!

Are you interested in meeting other startups? Curious about what others are cooking up? Are you good at giving constructive feedback? Or have some business experience you're happy to share? Then come be part of our next Goldfish Bowl Pitch Event as part of the audience!

This event is free of charge. This eventbrite ticket will get you a seat in the audience.