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On a regular basis, Bluelion will interview one entrepreneur from our community to talk about their journey and experience in becoming an entrepreneur. We will continue this format with Lisa Falco, Head of Product at Pipra who will talk with us about her personal journey, her book on the female body, AI in MedTech and Female Health. Watch the full interview in the video down below.


Lisa Falco is originally from Sweden and moved to Switzerland about 20 years ago. She is Head of Product at Pipra AG, a medtech startup that, using AI based on big data, provides pre-surgical risk assessment of cognitive impairment due to surgical complications.

Besides that, she has a Master in Engineering Physics, a PhD in Biomedical Imaging, 15 years of experience in MedTech, is a lecturer at HWZ for AI in MedTech, and former director of data science at AVA. Last year, she wrote her book on how the female body works which will be published this summer.

Lisa Falco


  • Motivation -- 00:44
  • Startup environment -- 01:47
  • Advice for people starting their own entrepreneurial journey -- 03:21
  • Learnings & Lessons along the way -- 05:34
  • Her book on the female body -- 06:13
  • Literature review vs empirical research -- 09:20
  • What made you do the jump & publish your book? --11:12
  • Women in the entrepreneurial world -- 12:37
  • Being the first employee at Pipra & AVA -- 16:01
  • First interaction with Pipra -- 18:17
  • Prototyping in Healthcare -- 19:34
  • Stakeholder Interviews --22:15
  • Knowing you found the right problem -- 23:28
  • Product fit & pricing -- 25:57
  • Data foundation -- 27:36

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