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Kickbox Program

The Intrapreneurship Program Kickbox is a tested measure to kickstart your company’s innovation.

Bluelion will develop your employees, identify innovative players, drive cultural change and incite innovative projects- all in line with your company`s strategy & culture!

In addition, Bluelion amplifies the program with a real startup-community, fostering an inspiring exchange between your internal innovators and startup entrepreneurs.

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For whom?

Your company wants to increase speed and success of their innovation and is looking for a strucutred process to do so?

- Come join us! -


- 2 simple reasons -

BlueLion organises & implements customized innovation processes for you

We help to empower your employees in order to create a culture change in your company

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Who is the Kickbox program for?

For companies who want to increase the speed and success of their innovation and are looking for a structured process to do so. Kickbox has a modular structure easily aligned with your company’s individual strategy.

Why should you participate?

-Employee Empowerment

-Enhance Innovation Culture

-Idetify internal & external potentials

-Realize existing ideas

-Increase innovation output & speed

-Educate & train staff in intrapreneurial mindset

-Cultural Change

Timeline Kickbox Program

How does it work?

The Kickbox Program is divided into 3 different phases.

Ideally, your Kickboxers will move from RedBox to BlueBox and end up with the GoldBox. However, it is all about the journey and your learnings along the way- so we celebrate failure and accept it as part of the progress!

-- 2 Months --
This first phase is all about the problem-customer-solution fit! Let's go and have interviews with potential customers and validate the potential of an idea.
-- 4-6 months --
The second phase focuses on Value Proposition. Provide a proof of concept and pilot your idea with real customers.
-- 4 months --
The last phase focuses on creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to get your Kickboxers to launch a Spin-Off or an internal project and make their idea fly.

What do you get?

Besides receiving access to our physical and digital Toolboxes, your Kickboxers will receive premium access to our Startup Incubator including personal coaching sessions, input sessions and being part of our BlueLion community

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Your Kickboxers will receive both digital and physical tools to guide them step by step along their journey.

Video Coaching


Our BlueLion coaches will guide your Kickboxers along the way and give them valuable feedback & insights - and maybe a little push to think outside the box and go the extra mile!

Video BlueLion Community


Become part of our BlueLion family and benefit from the community- experts, start-ups and alumni, we`re here to help you

Video Input Session

Input Sessions

Sometimes multiple Kickboxers face the same challenge. An Input Session from our BlueLion Coaches can be helpful to educate intrapreneurial thinking and to move up the next step. Learn about concepts such as Design Thinking and Lean Management and use them as tools to kickstart your idea

No worries- others have done this before!

We want to support you and your intrapreneurs and are proud to say that this program is tested and stands out! 

Intrapreneurs supported
Kickbox Batches
Innovative solutions created

What's next?




Let`s do this step by step!

Try out our Kickbox Program with a small pilot, then expand as desired- Get started and apply for a pilot

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Our Kickbox Community

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