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Profit from Bluelion's well-curated network of industry experts and serial entrepreneurs who will share their personal success recipe and help you leverage your business.

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Startups are not built alone: Innovate together with your peers, get access to our pool of potential co-founders, industry networks and corporate partners

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Get privileged access to experienced angel investors during the program and pitch in front of Switzerland's leading seed investors at the demo day.

Welcome the participants of the LikeMinded 2021 Spring edition!


Burcu Demiray
Burcu Demiray
Alumni 2020
Co-Founder Oldschool
"The LikeMinded Program provided us with a stimulating and rich learning experience and valuable opportunities to network. The Bluelion team is very supportive, positive and professional in the way they support young startups."

Damien Buhl
Damien Buhl
Alumni 2020
Co-Founder Nxxm
"It's not just another startup coaching program, it's the one that got us found, that got our team up and running for market entry and growth. If you are the next unicorn, you should take part."


18.01.21: Start Application
18.03.21: Close Application
01.04.21: Selection Announcement
15.04.21: Program Kickoff
12.05.21: Matchmaking Event
17.06.21: Demo Day

Questions & Answers

  • - A scalable business idea 

    - Working experience (3+ year) in the industry you want to start a business in

    - Commitment to work full-time on your project as soon as feasible

  • While there are numerous institutions that support students and university spin-offs, the Swiss ecosystem is lacking a similar offering for professionals. To fill this gap, we focus exclusively on industry startups. Accordingly, we have designed the program specifically to meet the needs of working professionals (3+ years of working experience) in terms of content, style and structure.

  • The program is free of charge for the participants and is financed by our two partners, Gebert Rüf and Zürcher Kantonalbank. There is also no need to relinquish a stake in the company. In return, we require full commitment from the participants for the entire duration of the program.

  • Your application will be carefully assessed by the Bluelion team. After reviewing all submissions, we will announce the results of our shortlist. The pre-selected applicants will then be invited to a personal interview and / or a pitch in front of the program board. Subsequently, the final selection of participants will be made and communicated. 

  • While it is possible to complete the program alongside a regular job, we do not recommend it. The program includes a training day that takes place every Thursday for 10 weeks (kick-off and demo day inclusive). Although it is technically possible to be present only one day per week, you will benefit most from the program if you can work on your startup every day.

  • We strongly believe that the team is the most important ingredient for a successful startup. That's why a special focus of the program lies on building up a powerful team of founders. We support you in this matter by diving deep into the topic with a true expert, letting you hear the secrets of successful co-founders and organizing a match-making event with potential co-founders. 

  • Lucky you! Of course, you are free to bring existing co-founders and start your journey as a team. During the program, you will also have the opportunity to critically review the composition of your founding team and recruit new team members if necessary.

  • The scope of support services we provide includes the following:

    - Training sessions covering the most important pre-seed topics

    - Individual expert sessions to tackle your most pressing challenges

    - A matchmaking event with potential co-founders

    - Access to the Bluelion community including the LikeMinded alumni network 

    - A workspace at Bluelion's startup hub for the duration of the program

    - The opportunity to pitch to key (pre-)seed investors in Switzerland

  • At the end of the program, you will get the opportunity to pitch your idea to selected (pre-)seed investors and thus secure future funding for your startup. In addition, we try to find a suitable follow-up solution for all participating startups - within or outside Bluelion's field of activity. 

  • If accepted into the program, we expect you to be present at 80% of all acceleration days (each Thursday), with the kickoff (15.04.2021) and the demo day (17.06.2021) being mandatory for all participants. Furthermore, we expect you to meet the specified deadlines and demonstrate full commitment to the program. We reserve the right to exclude participants who fail to meet these expectations from the program.

  • We are optimistic that the current exeptional situation will have calmed down somewhat by spring and that we will be able to conduct all events as planned. However, the personal health of our participants holds the highest priority, which is why we are considering delivering the program (or parts of it) digitally.

  • Keen to join a startup at a very early stage, but don't have your own business idea yet? Join LikeMinded's special matchmaking event to meet current participants in the LikeMinded program. Register your interest now and we will be in touch for the event details.


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