83% of Swiss professionals already thought about starting their own business

... yet just a fraction of them are actually taking the step due to the high opportunity costs.

- Lets change this! -

The Health Startup Academy provides you the perfect entry gate in order to found your own startup - without quitting your job, yet!

Training Session

Hands-on Training

Learn from top-notch experts and experienced founders about entrepreneurship and what it means to start a Health startup. From day one, the hands-on nature of the program allows you to work on your own idea and kick-start your journey.


Idea Validation

Refine your initial idea and explore its potential using inexpensive, time-saving techniques.

Get access to a well-proven incubation program to turn your idea into a real startup project - self-directed & self-paced.




Community of LikeMinded

Become part of a Health cohort, where you meet likeminded people, potential co-founders, and industry experts to exchange, learn & collaborate with. Share your progress & your challenges with the community and support each other along the entire journey.

Starting Point



Continue your journey

Get the chance to receive a ticket to our Acceleration Program and get introduced to a variety of hand-selected follow-up opportunities from our partner-network during your personal demo-day.



Experts & Facilitators

Valentin Splett
Health Tech Expert & Executive Advisor // Peak Spirit
Jana Nevrlka
Co-Founding Expert & International Speaker // Cofounding
John Klepper
John Klepper
Co-Founder & CEO // Pipra
Stefan Leuthold
Cluster Manager // Health Tech Cluster Switzerland
portrait photography team member MIRO MAYER
Miro Mayer
Head of Startup Incubation // Bluelion Incubator
Aurelie Moser
Aurelie Moser
Digital Health Startup Coach // Bambooster




► meet other future founders

► learn essentials about starting a Health startup from top-notch experts



► self-paced incubation program

► refine your initial idea & explore its potential using Design Thinking/ Lean techniques



► chance to receive a ticket to the follow-up Acceleration Program

► exclusive intro to our partner organizations

Are you ready?

Or do you need a bit more convincing? Read this article on why 2021 is the perfect year to start your business.

Apply here for the Health Startup Academy

Lion Brille

Questions & Answers

    • 1-Day Entrepreneurship Boot Camp
    • 90 Days Access to Digital Incubation Program
    • Online-Exchange Platform with Peers and Coaches
    • Access to Bluelion Community & Events
    • Follow-Up Check with Bluelion
    • Course Certificate upon Successful Completion of the Program
    • Clarity - whether you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur
    • Insight - if your idea is viable to grow a startup out of it
    • Skills - in entrepreneurship and applied lean startup methodology
    • Connections - to likeminded entrepreneurs & experts
    • Decision support - whether you should quit your job and fully commit yourself to your entrepreneurial journey
    • Course Certificate - that confirms the acquired skills during the program
  • No, you can also start with our one-day bootcamp, get insights in how to think like an entrepreneur, meet people in similar positions and get inspired by them. Maybe you have an idea you would like to validate in step 2 and present in step 3, or you might meet somebody during the event who's idea you'd like to join- or you can simply take the bootcamp as part of your education and deepen your entrepreneurial knowledge. It's all up to you

  • At the end of the digital incubation program, the participants get invited to a demo-day with Bluelion to find out, what the ideal follow-up solution for them is. Bluelion itself offers the LikeMinded program a seamless follow-up program to the startup academy. 

  • The Health Startup Academy is free for participants. The costs for the program are covered by Gebert Rüf Foundation and Bluelion Foundation. 

  • The program is designed to meet the circumstances of full-time employees. There is one fixed, full day boot-camp that you should be able to attend on-site. Everything else happens at your own pace and according to your own schedule. 


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